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Taking 5 with RMIT University. A little interview I was lucky enough to be apart of this month.

Where was your practice in 2010? How have you seen the industry change in the past 10 years?

My practice in 2010 was not so much a practice at all. I was completing my year 12 studies at Padua College on the Mornington Peninsula. I had not started my design business although I most definitely had it on my ‘to do’ list. My main VCE subjects included both Textiles and Art, translating these hobbies into a career was my focus once I finished my schooling.

The design and fashion industry has most definitely changed in the past 10 years. The industry has seen major changes with social media revolutionizing the way that small and big businesses sell, promote and grow. Fashion bloggers and Instagram influences are leading the scene, changing the way that consumers interact and connect with brands.

Todays consumers have also become more sustainably conscious towards the fashion industry. Consumers are becoming aware of fashion’s pollution problem. Over the past few years, some eco-friendly brands have tried in various ways to reduce their impact. Making smarter choices about fabrics, garments and manufacturing decisions is an instrumental factor that both designers and businesses are taking into consideration.

The industry where my business, AMBR. sits is under the Active wear scene. The Athleisure and Sport luxe movement has made a major shift in the fashion industry in recent years. Turning workout-wear to an acceptable every-day outfit. The technology that has adapted in the past 10 years has enabled businesses to create seamless garments and high performance wear at affordable costs for the every-day consumers.

What do you see the fashion industry looking like in 2030?
It is exciting to think about where the fashion industry will be in 10 years time. The evolution of 3D printing, wearable technology, development of smart phones and applications could honestly lead this industry in any direction.
Further development of mindful shopping and sustainable living will definitely be explored as well as consumer choice and personal customer input into the creation of garments.

What sort of material / textile innovation do you think will impact the fashion industry in the coming years?
I feel like 3D printing is absolutely everywhere at the moment. 3D printed food, houses and even human organs are finding their way into everyday conversation. Fashion is just another area that is about to be enhanced by this technique. Garments could have the potential to be made in your own home with your printer. The design, the development and the construction the fashion garment could be quicker, more durable and specific to the customer.

How have you seen sustainability change people’s behaviours in the fashion industry in the last 5 years?
As a consumer I am making conscious decisions regarding mindful shopping and sustainable practices when purchasing clothing. I have tried to incorporate these elements into my business. I think people are not only interested in high quality products but also interested in how the garment or product found its way to the warehouse, website or the shop floor. For many consumers it is important to know where the materials came from, who made it, under what conditions and the impact the process has on the environment.

What’s next for you?
To continue designing and creating and developing my brand. I am at my happiest when I am designing. Seeing paper sketches turn into wearable garments is magic. It brings me so much joy to know I am able to share my designs with people around the world. My creations are more travelled than myself.
I am currently working on a new collection I hope to release this June called ‘Lost in Love’. I hope to further develop my name in the fashion industry and grow AMBR.



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