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Whats happening in the Australian Pole World This Month

Whats happening in the Australian Pole World This Month
Welcome to another exciting month in the Australian pole fitness and dance community! As enthusiasts and professionals alike continue to push boundaries and innovate, here’s a roundup of what’s currently making waves in the dynamic world of pole this month.

1. Competitions and Showcases
This month, the Australian pole scene is abuzz with various competitions and showcases that highlight the incredible talent and dedication within the community. Events such as the Australian Pole Championships (APC), Frisk, Pole Stars and Hardcore are drawing competitors from all corners of the country, each vying for top honors in categories ranging from Pole Art to Pole Sport. These competitions not only showcase technical skill but also creativity and storytelling, captivating audiences and inspiring future generations of pole dancers.

2. Workshops and Masterclasses
Across Australia, studios and pole schools are hosting a diverse range of workshops and masterclasses led by renowned instructors and performers. These sessions offer participants the opportunity to refine their techniques, explore new styles, and gain insights from industry leaders. From advanced spins and tricks to choreography and flexibility training, there’s something for every pole enthusiast looking to elevate their skills and knowledge.
The incredible duo Alena Kuzmina and Dimitry Fedotov are visiting Aus in July, keep an eye out for these 2 in Melbourne and Sydney Pole Studios.

3. Community Events and 20 years in the Biz!
Community spirit is thriving this month as in house Pole comps launch. Pole Divas in Melbourne hosted its annual student comp last weekend whilst also celebrating 20 years in the industry! A very Happy 20th Divas. The Australian Pole Scene wouldn't be where it is today without you.

4. Online and Virtual Offerings
In response to ongoing global circumstances, many Australian pole studios continue to offer virtual classes and online content. These offerings allow participants to engage with instructors and fellow enthusiasts from the comfort of their homes, overcoming geographical barriers and expanding access to high-quality pole training. Virtual workshops and tutorials cover a wide range of topics, ensuring that pole enthusiasts can continue to learn and grow regardless of their location. Some of our fav platforms include:
- The Institute Of Pole - By Miss Filly
- Pole Sphere
- Divas on Demand
- Pole Art Vault

5. Innovation and Collaboration
Innovation remains at the forefront of the Australian pole world this month, with artists and creators pushing the boundaries of what’s possible on the pole. From groundbreaking choreography to innovative apparatus designs, there’s a constant flow of creativity that fuels inspiration and drives the evolution of the sport. Collaboration between studios, performers, and industry partners further enhances the community’s collective progress, fostering a spirit of mutual support and exploration.

Looking Ahead
As we look ahead to the remainder of the month, excitement continues to build within the Australian pole community. Whether you’re attending a competition, participating in a workshop, joining a virtual class, or simply following the latest updates on social media, there’s no shortage of opportunities to celebrate movement, strength, and artistic expression in pole fitness and dance.

We can not forget to mention one of the biggest Pole Shows of the year is happening this coming weekend - POLE ICON! Hosted by the one and only Chilli Rox. This show is going to be like no other! Who do we think will take out the 10k this year?
The Australian pole world remains vibrant and dynamic, offering a plethora of activities and events that cater to enthusiasts of all interests and skill levels. Whether you’re a seasoned competitor, a dedicated student, or a curious newcomer, there’s a place for you to explore and thrive within this passionate and supportive community. Join us as we continue to elevate the artistry and athleticism of pole fitness across Australia and beyond!

Catch you next month!
Em x


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