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Pole Dancing tips for the warmer months!

Pole Dancing tips for the warmer months!
Ready to heat things up on the pole during the Summer? Well, let's get you shimmying and spinning with some fun and cheeky tips for pole dancing in the warmer months:

Slip, Slop, Slap:
Just like our beach days, remember to "slip on a pair of your heels, slop on a grip aid, and slap on a fabulous outfit!" Protect that sexy skin from the pole burn and keep a fierce grip on that pole.

Fruity Refreshment: Keep yourself cool and hydrated with some tropical fruit-infused water. Pineapple, anyone? Stay juicy and energized for those sultry spins.

Sandy Sensation: If you're dancing in the wild, maybe even on a sandy beach, bring a beach towel or yoga mat for a softer landing. Sand might be hot, but it doesn't make for the comfiest crash pad.

Crank the Beats: Crank up your favorite Tunes while you dance. Set up a playlist on Spotify or choose a fun Spotify Radio. We are currently so in love with "Beyonce Radio'

Too hot to pole?: If it's scorching hot, practice those floorwork moves and sexy chair dancing indoors where it's cooler. Save the fiery pole tricks for when the sun goes down.

A Splash of colour: Embrace the summer vibes by rocking all the bright colours. Our picks are the Hot Pink and Jade Green Hook sets.

And remember to always stay safe Pole Dancing in these warmer months. It's always great to train with a Pole Bestie or even book yourself into a studio practice time and just jam out with whoever is there.


Happy Summer Dancing!


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