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How Pole Dancing Can Change Your Life

How Pole Dancing Can Change Your Life
One rainy Sunday, while doing my weekly Coles supermarket shop, I "accidentally" wandered down the confectionery aisle looking for a little treat that my conscious was trying to justify as reward for doing the groceries. As my eyes scanned for the good old Kit Kat, something else caught my eye – Cadbury
Marble Chocolate. Its packaging was very enticing with chocolatey swirls and pouring chocolate, so I snuck a block into my shopping trolley, hiding it under the fruit and veggies trying to convince myself that I really am a vision of health. That night after dinner, I opened the offending block of Cadbury Marble, and my life was changed forever.

Like cautiously stepping into the supermarket chocolate aisle, I have seen many beginner pole dancers stepping into the pole studio. Some briskly walk in, trying to hide their intentions from the public "under the veggies". Others creep into their first pole dancing class not really knowing what to expect. But from
the moment these newbies wander into the studio, where 8-inch heels and booty’s are proudly displayed, you see that Marble moment flicker across their eyes and you know their life has just changed in the best way EVER!

Here are just some of the ways that pole dancing will change your life!


You will discover confidence you never knew you had.

To be able to perform a lot of pole tricks, you need to have skin exposed so that your legs or body can grip to the pole. Bike or yoga shorts are usually encouraged in the first weeks of beginner pole classes understanding that not all of us are used to running around in teeny, tiny bottoms. But as the weeks pass by, it's incredible to watch the transformation that beginner pole dancers go through and how much we grow mentally as well as physically.

Let's take a pole climb for example. To climb to the top of the pole, you need to push through your legs and pull through your arms, make sure your core is switched on, that your legs are on the pole correctly oh and that you remember to keep breathing! There is so much to think about but each week as you climb that bit closer to the ceiling, you realise how much you underestimated yourself.

You ARE strong. You DO have upper body strength. You CAN do the seemingly impossible. And wow – what an amazing feeling that is. You start to appreciate what your body can DO not how it looks, and suddenly pole booty shorts and crop tops aren't so scary. There's a reason why polers feel comfortable
in their skin shaking it like it ain't no-thing – it's because they glow from the inside!

To be able to trust your body and train your mind to believe in yourself is a type of faith that no number of self-help podcasts or books can teach you. But believe me – a pole dancing climb, trick or routine will spin you down the road to true confidence in no time.

You will discover muscles you never knew existed

While the positive self-image gains are incredible, let's not forget the physical health benefits of pole dancing. Firstly it's low impact, so it's great for people who may have had issues with other sport/exercise that requires jumping or jolting movements.

Pole dancing will also increase your upper body strength, core strength and stability and believe it or not – lower body strength and flexibility. As you advance through levels of pole dancing tricks, you will need to use your legs to hold on upside down, to create dynamic aerial movement and a good glute squeeze always helps to hold a flat split!

Most studios offer flexibility classes which is great for mobility and those of us who spend their days sitting at a desk. There are also different styles of pole dancing where you can learn routines which really get the heart pumping.

Pole dancing really is such a great workout, where you can get your sweat on and not even notice it. You will be so focused on achieving the latest trick, whipping out a great split or spicing up the studio with your new dance routine, that you won't notice the killer workout you’re getting until the next morning!

 You will meet like-minded people and create lifelong friendships

There are always going to be people who argue that Cadbury Caramilk is the best chocolate, that Turkish Delight is the winner, that you can't argue against Lindt Dark Chocolate. But when you find a group of people who love Cadbury Marble like you do – you know that you have found your tribe. A group of people who just know what's up! Finding your pole squad is the exact same feeling – but BETTER.

Your pole buddies are like-minded people who usually end up sharing similar values to you. You are all at pole trying to create the best possible versions of yourself and that is magnetic. Together you push through the pole sweat and fears, to unlock a world of confidence. You find your PPICs (pole partners in
crime) and have new friends to attend pole events, showcases and debate the benefits of a twisted grip handspring with.

Pole friends become family and even though pole dancing is usually a solo-sport, the sparkly community you will find at your pole studio is like no other!

You will feel liberated and free to express yourself

Dancing to your favourite music and moving your body in a rhythm to match is super therapeutic. For that one hour, you get to leave the hustle and bustle of the world outside, keep your phone in your bag and be present in the space around you. Throw a pole, some body rolls, twerks and slinky floor work into the mix and you've got me SOLD!

As mentioned, there are different types of pole dancing and many styles. However, there is certain magic in exotica and sensual dance classes. These classes are usually your "classique" type of pole dance, and even though they can feel a bit daunting to sign up to, they are incredible.

Being able to connect with your body is a special thing. Embracing your body and going with the flow – literally – is such a great feeling! You may still need to switch the brain on to learn the routine and choreography, but like anything else – the more you practice, the better you will get!

You learn bad-ass tricks

Along with all of the good feels that pole dancing brings into your life, you will learn some mad skillz! Pole dancing is a mixed bag of strength, endurance, flexibility, dance and performance. You will learn cool tricks, splits and flips on the pole, and as you progress through the levels you learn exciting
transitions to join it altogether. Pole dancing is just as much of a mental workout as a physical one, as you need precise timing and coordination to pull off these moves.

Everything you learn is (and should be!) relative, so don't stress about beginner pole classes being too cray cray! As you get stronger and more confident, you will progress into higher levels and what used to be the challenging trick, might just become your warm-up! How awesome is that?!

You grow in ways that you could never have imagined

The physical health benefits of pole dancing classes, the cute heels and glamourous costumes, the inspiring people you meet, all make the pole world an amazing community to be a part of. However, the most life changing thing that happens when you start pole dancing classes, is how much you grow yourself.

Pole dancing teaches you to set goals and push your limits. Walking into your first class was daunting – but you did it. Trying a new trick on the pole can feel terrifying, but with enough practice and determination (plus a really supportive teacher) you CAN do it. Pole dancing shows you your potential. An incredibly valuable thing that can be applied to your life in the world outside the pole studio and shows others the confident and amazing person you truly are.

Sometimes new hobbies are fleeting but I know, like that block of Cadbury Marble chocolate, once you get a taste of the magic that is pole dancing classes, your life will become a whole lot sweeter.


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