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Get ready for your beginner pole dancing class with us!

Get ready for your beginner pole dancing class with us!
Congratulations on booking into your first pole dancing class – we are super excited for you! Pole dancing will change your life in the best way possible!
There are so many physical benefits to pole dancing such as being low impact and great for your bones and joints, it increases your strength and flexibility, and helps to boost your cardiovascular health.

Along with physical benefits, pole dancing has so many other amazing perks such as helping to increase your confidence, boost your level of self-esteem, helps form mind-body connection, and teaches you how to set goals and work towards them. Plus, you will meet so many new, like-minded people who can’t wait to cheer for you when you nail a new trick! #fangirlsassemble
The first question many new polers have is which class is right for me? The second – spoken in the voice of the Grinch with just as much drama – BUT WHAT WILL I WEAR?!! (you did the voice didn’t you?)

We totally get it. Pole dancing is unlike anything else you have ever tried before and stepping into a fitness class which encourages 8-inch heels can bring on all the nervous feels. But before you start questioning this life choice – read on girlfriend!
We are here to help you get ready for your first beginner pole dancing class so that you can dance, spin and body roll with confidence and look damn fine while doing it!

What should I wear to my beginner pole class?

Finding a pole dancing outfit suitable for beginners can feel harder than finding the ultimate shade of red lipstick. A lot of the videos and photos you might have watched of other pole dancers, show them in teeny, tiny outfits that resemble a shoelace.

However, before you start weeping and untying your shoes, know that there are SO many options for beginner pole dancing outfits ready and waiting for you.

So let’s break down the ‘fit!

Crop top

A supportive crop top or sports bra is very important regardless of your cup size. The Pole Physio wrote a great blog on bouncing boobs during pole classes (you can read it here: Did you know that breasts have been recorded to move up to 21cm during exercise?! That’s a whole lotta bounce so, make sure you have an excellent crop top to support “the girls”.

Singlet top or t-shirt

Stepping out of your comfort zone and into the pole studio is challenging enough, so we want you to feel confident and comfortable in your pole class. For you this might mean wearing a crop top only, or you might feel more comfortable with an added singlet top or t-shirt – and that’s totally okay! We do recommend wearing a tight-fitting top, as you will be moving around the pole a lot and loose tops may get distracting or annoying during your class.


Ahh, the MVP of great pole wear – the pole shorts! What most beginners don’t know is that we use the inside of our thighs to grip the pole and perform tricks. If you wear leggings or pants, the material will get in the way and slide against the pole. If you wear shorts, the skin on the inside of your legs will help you to grip the pole and stay in the trick. In a nutshell? Skin grips! Which is one of the reasons why advanced pole dancers wear tiny clothes – so that the exposed skin can grip the pole and they can perform the trick.

For your first pole dancing class, yoga shorts or bike shorts work well, and most people already own them. But there are so many great pole shorts you can buy which are designed especially for pole dancing.

Pole Shorts Features

You'll generally find that your pole shorts have:
  • A wider crotch so that you don’t feel like your lady bits will suddenly slip out
  • A flattering cut to show off your booty without feeling too exposed
  • They are often lined and won’t be see-through
  • Some pole shorts are also high-waisted so there is additional coverage helping you to feel gor-ge-ous!

AMBR Designs has a lot of different styles of pole shorts suitable for beginner pole dancers. Check out the graphic below to help you find AMBR pole dancing shorts which are the perfect style for you!

Do I have to wear heels or boots?

Wearing pole dancing heels or pole dancing boots is totally optional and based on your personal preference. If you are going to bring heels to the class, make sure that they have an ankle strap for support and so that they don’t fly off mid-lesson and hit your pole buddies!

If you dive into the world that is sparkly, fun, BEAUTIFUL pole shoes be warned: the addiction is real, and you might become obsessed with how fab you feel wearing them! If you need some choosing the right shoes for pole dancing class, check out our blog “Which shoes to choose for pole class” as it tells you everything you need to know. Some boots are made for walking... ours are made for dancing!

What do I wear before or after pole dancing classes?

Pole dancing can work up quite a sweat and there is nothing worse than trying to shimmy into denim if you are sweaty! We recommend wearing tracksuits, leggings or baggy shorts (over your pole shorts if necessary) so that you can easily take them off after the warmup, and then pop them back on again after class.

Here at AMBR we have amazing lounge pieces designed especially for pole dancers which are the perfect balance of cute and comfortable. Our tracksuits slip on easily after class and are so stylish you will probably need two sets so you can wear them all day, every day!

Check out our lounge collection here.

Do’s and don'ts for beginner pole classes

Now that we have covered the pole outfit, there are some extra things to also know before your beginner pole dancing class.
To make it nice and easy for you, we have put together a checklist of the do’s and don’ts of pole wear for beginners, as well as what to bring for your first pole class.

Okay I’m ready – now give me the inspo!

Now that you totally understand the assignment – it's time to #slay in a great pole outfit. We have put together some inspo outfits to give you some ideas on how to mix and match AMBR pole wear. It's time to spread those AMBR Angel wings and fly confidently into your next pole dancing class!

Outfit #1:
• Shorts: Minx Highs - Aloha
• Crop: Eco Crop - Aloha
• Tank: Remi Cropped Tank - Lemon

Outfit #2:
• Shorts: Booty Shorts - Hot Pink
• Crop: Hook Crop - Moni
• Crew: Staple Crew - Jacinta

Outfit #3:
• Shorts: Super Highs - Royal
• Crop: Halter Crop - Aloha

Outfit #4:
• Shorts: High Shorts - Aloha
• Crop: Bar Crop - Hot Pink

Outfit #5:
• Leotard: Minx Leo - XO
• Trackies: Classic Track Pants - Black

AMBR Designs is an Australian pole wear business based on the Mornington Peninsula, and rumour has it that the owner, Emma, could even be a real-life mermaid. AMBR Angels have started to take over the pole world and can be spotted wearing the stunning AMBR prints and styles which are cut to perfection. Have a look at the latest AMBR collection here!


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