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How to find the best booty shorts for pole dancing

How to find the best booty shorts for pole dancing
Selecting the perfect pair of pole dancing shorts is a harder decision than the Bachelorette choosing who to give a rose to – and twice as dramatic! Which shorts deserve to hug the perky booty you have worked so hard for? Which style of pole shorts will be so perfect, that you are comfortable introducing them to your parents? Will your new pole bottoms love you through pole goals and pole lols? These are the big decisions a pole dancer must make.
Luckily, AMBR Designs has got you and your peach covered! With so many amazing colours and prints, plus a style to suit any pole dancer, this rose ceremony will be short and sweet baby.

What to look for in pole dancing shorts
There are a range of different styles of pole dancing shorts out there in the big pole world, so let us help narrow down some things to look for.
Firstly, can you grip the pole with your legs and inner thighs? We know you want to look damn fine during pole class, but you need to make sure that there is enough leg exposed to grip the pole with. The same goes for skin exposure on your waist. Depending on your body shape and torso length, you want
to ensure that you still have some skin exposed to use as a gripping point for intermediate and advanced tricks.

This brings us to our next point – are your pole shorts functional? They may LOOK great, but can you pole dance in them? Are you still able to move freely without worrying about catching a strap or buckle on the pole? Some pole shorts look fantastic but have so many embellishments, you may find yourself so tangled that you become one of them.

And finally, the most important thing of all – the crotch check! You have probably realised by now that there are a lot of splits (AKA spreadies) in pole dancing, and tricks that involve legs flying everywhere! When buying your next pole dancing shorts, it’s always a good idea to make sure that they have great
crotch coverage. Shorts with a scrunch bum design help to prevent the fabric shifting as your body moves and if you buy from a reputable pole wear brand like AMBR Designs, you know you will be taken care of.
Now that you know what to shop for, let's explore the different types of AMBR shorts for pole dancing so that you can live happily ever after in booty bliss!
AMBR Booty Shorts
The AMBR Booty Shorts are all business at the front and party at the back, as they feature a fun criss-cross waistband detailing and excellent coverage. Plus, the boy-leg design and high-waisted band will keep you feeling cute and comfortable during your next class. AMBR Booty Shorts are the absolute
perfect pair of pole dancing shorts for beginners. You will still be able to grip the pole with your legs and upper thighs, while looking like the queen we know you are! The Booty Shorts are also fantastic for dance classes, gym and yoga.
These bottoms look amazing when teamed up with the Strappy Crop and when class is done, throw on your AMBR Acid Wash Tee and head out to brunch with the girls in style!
AMBR High Shorts
Trying to find the ultimate high waisted pole dancing shorts? Stop the search my friend, because you won’t get any better than the AMBR High Shorts. Once you pop these gems on there will be no turning back (and you are about to keep the postman very busy!)
Designed to pole perfection, they feature a high waisted band and great crotch coverage, so that your body feels fab during your pole tricks and splits! The scrunch bum and cheeky booty style maintain a stylish and sassy look, so that you can showcase your gorgeous figure. Bonus points: the AMBR High Shorts are double-lined and are reversible in many of the prints, meaning you can have 2 styles for the price of one!
Looking to level up the sass appeal? Check out the AMBR Minx Highs – the same great cut, just with the minx criss-cross detailing on the sides to give you some extra pole zazz! Meow.
High Shorts

AMBR Cover Ups
For those who aren’t a fan of the scrunch bum design but want the high waist, these bad boys are for you! An absolute summer essential, these bottoms are perfect for pole dancing AND double as swimwear, so you can head to the beach to cool down after a steamy pole sesh.
The AMBR Cover Ups have fuller coverage than most pole shorts, but still give enough booty to feel hot enough to pop and drop it! Who says comfy can’t also be cute?!
Cover Ups
Cover Ups – Navy, Ruby

AMBR Bikini Shorts
Booty, booty, booty – rockin’ everywhere! The AMBR Bikini Shorts are a staple in your pole wear drawer, and lucky for us, they come in a range of prints and colours, meaning you can have a pair for every day of the week. These bottoms are low riding, have a cheeky cut and scrunch bum design, so there is nothing that will make your toosh look more terrific!
Fabulous and functional, the AMBR Bikini shorts won’t get in the way when doing pole tricks and are perfect for any level pole dancer. They are excellent for dance classes or the ideal bottoms to soak up the sun in during summer. Along with your pole grip and heels, the AMBR Bikini Shorts will become your ride or die for many pole dancing classes to come.
AMBR Super Highs
Ooh she’s steaming up in here! With a delightful amount of booty exposure and a flattering high-leg, high-rise design, the AMBR Super Highs are here to turn up the heat in any pole studio. The cheekiest of the AMBR range, the Super Highs are sexy yet supportive, and keep you covered through your pole tricks and spreadies. Made from a nylon/spandex blend, the material feels light to wear and incredible against your skin. These pole bottoms will feel like heaven on but will leave you looking hotter than hell!
The Super Highs pair perfectly with the AMBR Hook Crop, together creating a pole set you will fall head over heels for. Pack your suitcase girl, because this entire pole outfit is a one-way ticket to babetown!

We think that all bodies are amazing bodies! No matter what body you are rockin’, AMBR Designs have the perfect pole shorts ready and waiting to love your booty. Now that we have taken the guesswork out of booty short shopping, treat yourself to some AMBR and get your twerk on girl!


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