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Which Shoes to Choose for Pole Dancing Class

Which Shoes to Choose for Pole Dancing Class
One of the many things you notice in your first beginners pole dancing class are the shoes your instructor is wearing. The incredible, shiny and very high shoes! And guess what – there is a whole market dedicated just to pole dancing shoes.

Pole dancing heels are different the ones normal peeps wear as they are made with our dance world in mind. They are platform, which means that the steepness of the arch isn’t really that high, making them comfortable to wear for back-to-back classes. Pole shoes will also have rubber on the bottom of the platform and the heel, to help us grip to the floor and are usually made with light-weight materials, because nobody wants to be lifting heavy shoes as they perform pole tricks!
Believe it or not, there are many different options when it comes to choosing shoes to wear to pole dancing class. With the different heel heights, styles and material options available, the choice can be more difficult than ordering from a menu you didn't have time to Google before going out for dinner.

But don’t stress chick! AMBR Designs is here to help you choose your shoes and of course pair them perfectly with your AMBR pole wear.

Pole dance shoe heights and sizing
One of the first questions you will be asked when purchasing your first pair of pole dancing shoes is what heel height you would like. In pole dancing land, the height of the heels can range anywhere between 5 inches and a whopping 10 inches!
If you are new to pole dancing in heels, we would recommend starting with 6- or 7-inch heels depending on your personal preference. You can still find a variety of cool options available in these heights, but remain sexy and safe at the same time.

Once you become used to wearing pole dance heels and have gained strength in your feet, ankles and calves, 8 inches are no doubt the most popular heel height. There is just something about wearing 8-inch heels either to class or onstage to make you feel like a total boss! There is also enough of a platform
to bedazzle, if you need to bring the bling for a pole show.

After 8 inches, we start to wander into “I might die dancing” territory. You can certainly purchase 9- or 10-inch heels but they are not practical for dancing in, and Pleaser Heels even come with the following warning – “Warning: Extreme High Heels. Not Recommended for Walking or Dancing.” However, they do look insane for pole dancing photoshoots or just to generally lounge about the house in.

If you hope to wear nice, tall pole heels, we recommend strengthening your feet, ankles and calves to stay safe and avoid injury. For some strengthening tips check out this Hair Flicks & Tricks blog featuring a chat to our friend The Pole Physio -

When it comes to pole shoe sizes, it can change depending on the brand of shoe you buy and whether they are open or closed-toe shoes. It’s best to check the sizing chart of the website you are shopping on or even ask around at your pole studio for everyone’s experience with brand sizing.

Pole shoe styles
Let’s dive into the different styles of pole shoes! While we want to look like the goddesses we are on the pole, we also need to keep in mind that a shoe flying off mid-trick is not ideal and could be a problem when you come back down to dance #awks.

For this reason, most pole dancing heels have an ankle strap or come in a boot style. You can buy platform slides, but they are more popular with club dancers or for being a bit extra on a night out with the girls! Essentially, for pole classes you have 2 options: platform sandal heels or boots.

Platform heels come in a huge range of materials and styles (we’ll get to that later!) but the common differences between them are the type of foot/ankle straps and heel shape. You can choose a clear ankle and foot strap which is a popular choice for those with narrow feet (as there is less give in the plastic) and they are easy to clean. Alternatively, heels will have a patent, faux leather or a material finish for the foot/ankle straps which looks amazing and compliments the design of the shoe.

There can also be differences in the heel shape, depending on which pole heel brand you purchase. For example, Pleaser Heels can have a more “A” shaped heel or a “D” shaped heel.

If you’re not a Heels Hoe, then you will be a Boots Babe and WOW they have become a very popular choice in the last 5 years or so. Back in my day (*sips tea*), the only options available in boots were black, patent leather, ankle boots or thigh highs. Then, thanks to the ‘Great Boots Boom of 2017’ and the huge increase of popularity in Russian and Exotica dance styles, pole heel brands started to release more boot options for us.

These days you can find pole dancing boots in an ankle length, calf length, knee-high, the classic thigh-high length and even a crotch-high length AKA “chap boots”. So. Many. Choices!

When selecting a pole shoe style, keep in mind the functionality of the shoe. If you will be doing pole dancing tricks, are you still able to grip with the back of your knee for the trick or can you climb the pole? If they are for floorwork, thigh high patent boots may not be the best choice for example, as they will stick to the floor and end up turning your floorwork into “bore-work”. Which brings us to our favourite part - the pole shoe design.

Pole shoe materials and designs
Ooh yes, we have reached the fun bit now! The part that reaches into our hearts and speaks to our souls when choosing a pole dancing shoe – the design.

Pole dancing shoes come in SO MANY different colours, patterns and materials. You can find both heels and boots in patent, suede, glitter, faux leather – even feathers! Depending on the overall look you want to achieve, the pole outfit you are wearing and the class you are taking, the options are endless, and we are so here for it!

Again, try to keep in mind what you will be doing while wearing your new pole shoes. Some materials, such as patent, are “sticky” and will grip to the pole very easily, whereas others like suede, will have zero grip at all. Don’t forget that some materials wear very easily so it may be worth investing in some heel protectors.

Heel protectors slide over the platform of the shoe and keep them safe from scuff marks and chipping. (Psst – check out the cute AF heel protectors at AMBR Designs. It’s colour coordination heaven)

With so many choices out there in our glittery pole world, it may feel a little overwhelming trying to decide on your next pair of pole heels or boots. However, if you use the tips above and narrow it down by heel height, style and material, then you can have fun with choosing your fav colours and patterns!

Legend has it that just like Harry Potter’s wand (but with way more glitter), pole shoes choose their owner, so pick a pair that immediately sets your soul on fire, and you can’t go wrong babe!

AMBR Designs x ShoeMe
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