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Which AMBR Angel are you?

Which AMBR Angel are you?

Forget Victoria’s Secret Angels, we're leaving those babes in the 90s because there’s a sassy, new squad in town – the AMBR Angels.

AMBR Angels glow from the inside, dare to dream, and can be found spreading their wings in pole dance classes, at dance studios and sunbaking in swim wear at beaches all over the world! And you know what the best part is? Girl, you can also become an AMBR Angel!

Are you a spontaneous Sexy Minx? Or perhaps you’re a true romantic and that Lady in Red? Find out which AMBR Angel you are below, and the AMBR designs that are perfect for you!

 Lady in Red

Not afraid to stand out from the crowd, the Lady in Red is bold, passionate and loves to have a chat!

Often the life of the party, the Lady in Red can easily mingle with a new crowd and loves to socialise. She knows exactly what her heart wants and will pursue it with endless dedication and determination.

The Lady in Red is often seen as a high achiever and her success helps to positively inspire those around her. Her enthusiasm and love of life make the Lady in Red a great leader, and you can usually find her at the front of the dance class.

While the Lady in Red is very independent, deep down she is a true romantic at heart and incredibly loyal to her loved ones. She will be the first person there when needed and will remain by your side to help you tackle any problem. Forever inspiring those around her, the Lady in Red is fun, fierce and will always have your back!

The Lady in Red loves:

- Taking selfies
- Going to new places or events
- A good reality TV show

The perfect AMBR set:
- Chilli Hook Crop and Chilli Super High Bottoms – anything to show off your killer curves!

Soul Sister

A Soul Sister radiates positive vibes everywhere she goes! She is expressive and artistic in many ways and will always follow her heart first. When it comes to pursuing her dreams, a Soul Sister will think outside the box and will work hard to bring her vision to life.

The Soul Sister can be seen as a quiet achiever, who works super hard behind the scenes and always produces incredible results. She is usually the dancer who practices often in her own time and seeks private lessons to really fine tune the detail in her technique and shows.
The Soul Sister loves exploring and appreciates the beauty of nature and all which surrounds her. She feels her best when she is close to the ocean or water. She has a calming, yet positive presence and is your most optimistic friend. You can’t mistake a Soul Sister – her contagious laugh will brighten your day!

Soul Sister loves:
- Going for long walks or swim at the beach
- Brunch (or wine!) dates with close friends
- Drawing, painting and writing on just about anything!

The perfect AMBR set:
- Soul Minx High Bottoms and Hook Crop in Ultra – a fun pattern is the way to go!

Sexy Minx

The Sexy Minx is 80% cute and 20% cheeky. She is a total flirt and can persuade absolutely anyone that her idea is a fantastic idea! The Sexy Minx is spontaneous and always up for a new adventure, as she loves to explore places and try different things. She is creative and forever coming up with new ways to surprise her friends. The Sexy Minx is all about adding fun and flare to her life! She loves taking dance classes that are upbeat and give her a good workout. She will try new activities with an open mind and laugh her way through them, even if she hasn’t quite mastered it yet. The Sexy Minx is playful and is constantly juggling all her passions, hobbies and interests. Even though
she is always busy bouncing to and from things, her lust for life energizes everyone around her. You can spot a Sexy Minx a mile away, as she is always the first on the dance floor!

The Sexy Minx loves:
- Pop songs from the 90s and early 00s
- A great cocktail – shaken not stirred!
- Keeping busy and trying new things

The perfect AMBR set:

- XO Minx Leo, or the Lust Crop and Bikini Shorts – obviously something you can shake your booty in.

Bloom Babe

Girly and grounded, the Bloom Babe is always willing to see the best in everyone. She is generous with her time and is always thinking of others. Spending time with close friends and family fills her cup, and she is often the one who brings goodies and gifts to the occasion.

The Bloom Babe is the stage mum of the group. She will be the one travelling with you to dance comps, taking photos for you and filming every single one of your routines – from every angle of course! The Bloom Babe helps calm your nerves and is the perfect friend when you need some inspirational advice.
The Bloom Babe is thoughtful and can always provide a unique insight towards the situation. She is smart, wise and super kind, usually being the first one to check in and see how you are going. Her beautiful energy shines softly and the Bloom Babe can light up any room with her gorgeous smile!

The Bloom Babe loves:
- Facetiming you to see what you are up to
- Surprising you with presents
- Great smelling candles and perfumes

The perfect AMBR set
- Bloom High Shorts and Crop – fresh and feminine!

Bloom Babe

Isla Chick

Brimming with confidence and wit, the Isla Chick is usually the first one to make everyone laugh! She is curious and loves to learn, as her thirst for knowledge drives her towards her goals. She is happy to share her experiences with those around her and her stories will have you on the edge of your seat.
The Isla Chick can be found asking questions or breaking down the movement in class – she must understand it totally before trying it. You will often find the Isla Chick organising events and helping wherever she can. She is a great dance friend to have backstage as her humor will ease your nerves and always get a giggle from you!
The Isla Chick is honest and patient and will commit to her dreams – no matter how long it takes her to achieve them! Her drive and focus are admired by those around her. The Isla Chick will always encourage you to live your best life and chase your dreams, as she supports you every step along the way. She is your biggest fan-girl and her quick-wit and spark is adored by everyone lucky enough to know her!

Isla Chick’s love:
- Planning and organising just about anything!
- Traveling to new places
- Reading and listening to podcasts

The perfect AMBR set:
- Isla Tri Top and Navy Cover Up Bottoms – bold, bright and practical for this babe!

No matter which AMBR Angel you are (maybe you’re a gorgeous mix of them all), we are so lucky to have found you! Keep spreading smiles, as you chase your dreams and live your best life – one booty shaking day at a time!
Which AMBR Angel are you? Tell us by leaving a comment in the box below.
Don’t forget to share this blog with your girl gang so you can reveal your AMBR wings together! #squadgoals


Megan Dudley-Bateman

Emma is a delight! So vibrant, cheerful, warm and with a contagious smile, I love having her in my life and am so proud of her accomplishments Xx

Wendy Stewart

Wow a Hugh congratulations to you Emma.
Well done you!!

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