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10 reasons why pole dancers make the best girl-gang!

10 reasons why pole dancers make the best girl-gang!
Hanging with your girlfriends is always so much fun!
Going shopping or on road trips to the beach, trying out new activities or having cocktail nights and reliving the mems at brunch the next morning – we know spending time with your favorites will always fill your cup. And while it’s great to have different friends who add sparkle to your life in different ways, there’s just no one like your pole dancing girl-gang. You might have started beginner pole dancing classes together, or perhaps bonded backstage at a comp while having a nervous breakdown before your show. Regardless of how you all met, pole friends form a bond stronger than their cup grips.

Here are 10 reasons why pole dancers make the best girl-gang you could ask for, starting with the obvious..

1. They're always down to strike a pose
Madonna didn’t know what she started when telling us to ‘strike a pose’ in her song, Vogue. Because pole dancers took that and ran miles with it (in rose-gold platforms of course!). We will strike a pose anywhere. On anything. At any time, of any day. And we don’t just stop and smile like normal civilians. We stop, drop and pop it like no other. You can always count on your pole crew to take wild photos with you at every possible moment. We also like to split on things. Front splits, middle splits, standing splits – if there is a way to split for a photo opp, pole dancers will find it. Isn’t that the main reason we all attend
stretch classes?! Not only do we pull a pose that could give Lady Gaga a run for her money, we know how to find an angle better than any paparazzi. We also know how to find the best lighting and will take 100 photos just to get the perfect snap. Now that’s friendship.


2. They’ll pick, poke and push!
Who else is going to pick your wedgie for you before filming a dance routine? Name another friend who will poke and push you around the pole until you achieve a trick? Who else wouldn’t bat an eyelid at the ta-ta's breaking free mid-combo? Your pole friends will go where no friend has gone before, and help you tape all of your bits so that they stay securely in your costume. Your pole crew never judge and won’t be fazed in class when a pole spready to the gods opens the cookie jar just a little too much. Pole friends will literally carry you around the pole telling you how great you’re doing and that ‘it’s all you boo!!’ and this is exactly why we love them.

3. They get why moisturiser is the devil
No matter how many times you try to explain to your non-poler friends, they will never fully understand why your moisturising schedule must be planned specifically around your pole classes. But say no more to your pole girls! Pole friends understand all the quirks and weird habits that come with a pole dancing obsession. They know what it’s like to be SO proud of the bruise on your foot (because you climbed to the top of the pole – duh!). They understand that there is only one brand of fake tan you can use because it works with your pole grip, and that you can’t have a third coffee the afternoon of a pole class.
Pole friends know what it’s like trying to fit your lats into a dress for a special occasion and they totally get you when you say, “I can’t - I have pole class tonight”.


4. They speak your language
Further to your pole quirks there is another skillset that grows with a love of pole dancing – the beautiful language of pole. I’m sure if you said, “Ah yes, I might take that Superman through my Shoulder Mount into a Brass Monkey so I can set up for a Sneaky V” your pole girls would nod along and might even question which side you will end up on? Whereas non-polers may look at you like you’ve just started speaking to them in Latin. Pole friends will blow up a group chat just to break down the difference between a Twisted Grip entry and a Straight Grip entry, and understand (even without explanation) just what Sunday Bumday means. Your pole girls can talk the talk AND walk the walk - in 8 inches of cours.


5. Their pole wardrobe, is your pole wardrobe – obviously
Have you booked a pole dancing photoshoot last minute and are now stressing about what to wear? Have no fear – your pole besties are here! We all know pole dancers are obsessed with buying pole wear and will have a pole outfit ready for any occasion. Photoshoots, studio showcases, performances, pole
dancing competitions or even just for your next class, together you will be able to hustle a killer ‘fit within hours! Our costume boxes are brimming with pole wear goodies, from the best pole booty shorts to heels, sparkly bras and the odd feather boa. They say great minds think alike – we say great pole dancers dress alike!

6. They love to dance!
Unlike your non-poler friends, your pole crew will ALWAYS be willing to jam with you and dance out some amazing pole chorey. I mean let’s face it – you were probably putting on dance concerts for your family when you were a kid and while many people seem to grow out of that, pole dancers do not! We
love getting together to make up minty fresh chorey or create a great pole combo. You pole girl gang will always be down to dance your choreography with you to perfection – no matter how many times you need to film it!


7. They help you find the best tunes
As much as our pole friends love to help us out with dance chorey, they are just as likely to bend over backwards to help us find the perfect song to dance to. They will scroll Spotify for hours, just to help you search for the ideal music for a pole comp, performance or just a banger to inspire you to do the flippy
tricks! If you have competed before, you know just how hard it can be to find the ultimate song and then cut the music to perfection (#thestruggleisreal). Your pole girl-gang will be there to drop truth- bombs about the music you have chosen, and then they will put up with you playing the song on repeat for 2 months. What little treasures they are!


8. They will be keen to try new things with you
Freaking out about trying that new acro class on the timetable? Maybe you want to give spin pole dancing classes a go? Whether it’s starting pole dancing for the first time, or trying a brand-new class or workshop, new things can be intimidating. Unless you have your pole bestie by your side that is! Not
only does bringing a friend to new activities make them less scary, but also makes the class twice as much fun! You can laugh at the crazy leg-twizzles and awkward tricks, then practice them together later on. Plus, you probably won’t have to beg your pole squad to try a class with you because chances are they already had their eye on giving it a whirl.


9. They have ‘Straddle sympathy’
There is a commonly known condition in the pole world which only pole dancers can get – we like to name it ‘straddle sympathy’. Because only a pole dancer will know the blood, sweat, tears and fears you need to overcome when working on new skills! Stuck on nailing your pole straddle? Sadly, non-polers
won’t be able to understand the struggle. But your pole girl-gang will be there to analyze the in’s and out’s of every trick on your pole journey. They totally understand how much work goes into an aerial straddle, a shoulder mount, a twisted grip ayesha, an iron-x, a fonji – ALL of the things! As you spend a
few terms puzzling together the mechanics behind a handspring, your pole friends will be by your side and waiting in the wings to squeal the studio down when you nail it. Which brings us to the final reason...


10. They will be your fan-girls 4eva!
No one will cheer harder for you than your pole girl-gang (except maybe your coach!). Your pole friends know just how hard you have worked to unlock those tricks, train a routine or step onto the stage. They will be in the audience, wearing matching t-shirts and create a stadium’s worth of noise for you as you
perform. And what happens if you’re lucky enough to score a sashie? Girl, you better be ready because your squad will storm the stage, spear-tackle you and cry happy tears for you all night. Your pole gang are your #1 fan girls, and if you’re having a bad day, they will literally pick your ass up and get you
moving again – that's what our big biceps are for, right?! There are SO many reasons why there is no-one like your pole girl-gang! They are your support system of strength and sass, and are always there to catch you when you fall – quite literally. Behind every strong woman is a group of sexy pole dancers and let’s face it, there would be no Beyonce without Kelly and Michelle! Love your pole girl-gang hard, support each other and always be ready to video bomb their combos.

Okay ladies – now let’s get in formation!


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