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Polewear Every Pole Dancer Must Have

Polewear Every Pole Dancer Must Have
Nothing gets you ready for a fresh year of pole dancing classes like new pole wear. Never underestimate the emotional support a pair of booty shorts can provide in nailing an aerial straddle or combo. It’s a great way to trick your brain into unleashing new confidence and strength. Perhaps it’s psychological, perhaps it’s magic that the AMBR mermaids weave into each garment. Sis, we’ll never know. But what we do know is that every pole dancer must have these things in their wardrobe.
Booty shorts
Pop that perfect peach into a pair of booty shorts that make you feel like a boss. The last thing you want to worry about is a flap-attack during a pole combo, so it’s essential that your pole shorts not only look fab but fit well. One of the best things about the world of pole dancing is that we accept all body shapes and sizes. Anyone can pole dance and perform the tricks because we respect what your body can do, not just how it looks. Our appreciation of all body shapes means that the pole industry is great at creating garments to suit different bods.
High-waisted, high-leg, low-rise, cheeky or covering the crease; there is something for everyone. You might be a high waisted AMBR Angel, who likes to show some leg but also likes a snatched waist. Or you might be about total booty exposure (and maximum crotch coverage) for pole classes. If so, slip on the AMBR Super Highs which are super silky and come in a range of colours. The latest AMBR collection, Zadie, has literally every style of booty short you could imagine. Run, don’t walk!
Sporty Spice vs Sexy Spice – a crop top for max girl power
I’ll tell you what I want, what I really, really want...

A crop top that suits every pole-casion! We get it. Sometimes you’re ready to tackle a twisted grip ayesha and other times you just want to slink around the base of the pole\ like a goddess. So, you should have a crop for each mood.

When you feel like being Sporty Spice for class, your pole drawer should be equipped with supportive crops that fit well and don’t need to be readjusted during a combo. Pole tricks are challenging and there’s already enough to think about. Your brain should be focused on your baseball grip – not a nip slip! Try out the AMBR Bar Crop, Scoop Crop and Eco Crop for your next pole tricks class.

For pole dance or choreography classes, your inner Sexy Spice wants a cute crop that looks gorgeous while containing the girls. Think slinky fabrics, intricate detailing and something that ties together better than a shoelace. The AMBR Hook Crop and Halter Crop tick all these boxes and still give you great support.

Amazing pole accessories

All keen bean pole dancers will have these things floating about in their pole wardrobe: a garter belt to wear over pole shorts, cute socks to wear with boots and knee pads because duh – we’re smart!

Accessories are a super easy way to level up your attitude and your pole outfit game. Let your AMBR sockies peek out from your boots for some street cred. Add a garter belt over your pole shorts to add some instant sass-appeal. These small tweaks can make your pole outfit look minty fresh.

Hot tip: garter belts help to lift the booty making it look extra perk-alicious. Check out the AMBR garter belts made to match your pole shorts and see what we mean!

Knee pads have popped up on the pole scene in recent years as floorwork gets fancier and fiercer. If we want to keep pole dancing for years to come and cause chaos in the nursing home, it’s important to also look after our bodies.

Knee pads have evolved from the chunky volleyball and skating knee pads we once bought, to stylish designs that come in different colours (like nude so you can barely see them!). Pole knee pads now also exist and have the back of the knee exposed so that we can hook onto the pole for pole tricks without sliding. This evolution of knee pads means one thing – you have no excuse not to wear them! Bring on the slinking.

Pole shoes
If you’re serious about pole dancing, then you will be serious about shoes! Nothing says I’m a badass, booty shaking, body rolling babe like a pair of pole dancing boots or pole heels.

Once you discover the world of pole dancing shoes, you will quickly realise it’s a whole THING. There are different heights, different styles, ankle boots, thigh high boots, stilettos with ankle straps, heels without straps, and the designs. So. Many. Designs. People think Pokemon took the world by storm, but we’re convinced pole heels do. Unlike Pokemon, you will never be able to collect them all – but you can try!

Street threads for street cred
All pole dancers should have biker shorts and a lounge set ready to throw on after pole dancing classes. You have just danced up a sweat so having something easy to wear home or out after class is top of the list!

In warmer weather, throw on some AMBR biker shorts, an oversized t-shirt and
sneakers ready for a day of adventuring. In the cooler months, be snug as a bug in AMBR lounge sets, hoodies and crews. They look great and are so comfortable you’ll wish you could wear them to your 9-5. Slay.

Have all these things handy for a practical and perfect pole-drobe! Try to find pieces you can mix and match so you can get the most from your pole outfits, and do a buy, swap and sell with your pole friends once you’re ready for a refresh. Because at the end of the day, when it comes to pole booty shorts – the limit does not exist!


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