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What to wear to pole dancing class?

What to wear to pole dancing class?
You did it! You have booked into your very first pole dancing class and are so excited to strut into the world of pole dance. You have watched countless videos of other pole dancers performing cool tricks and splits on the pole and you know deep down that you have finally discovered the workout class of your dreams. But there is still one problem and like in every great episode of Sex and the City, your inner Carrie Bradshaw monologue pipes up –
"I couldn't help but wonder... what do I wear?!".

Girl, have no fear – your AMBR glam squad is here! Let's dive into the best outfits for pole dancing class and some handy tips to know before you step into the studio.

Show us some skin!

There is a reason why pole dancers wear short shorts, and no, it's not because we know our peach looks amazing in them We need skin to grip the pole when we do poses and tricks that uses our legs. If there is material in the way because of leggings or long shorts, the pole slips on the material, and you won't be able to perform the trick. While yoga shorts or jogging shorts are great for pole dancing, there are some incredible shorts designed specifically for pole class! They sit snug and hold everything in, so you feel confident to be your sassiest self!
If you are new to pole dancing, we suggest trying out AMBR Designs Booty Shorts. They cover your booty completely and have a waist band with criss-cross detailing on the back. They are also the perfect length for pole tricks.
The AMBR High Shorts are another great option if you are looking for fun prints and something a bit cheekier. You can learn more about the AMBR pole shorts range in our blog called, how to find the best booty shorts for pole dancing, but at the end of the day there is only one thing that matters – that you feel comfortable and amazing in them!

Crop tops and tees

A supportive crop is a must for pole dancing classes. The warmup may include jumping or running around the pole, and believe it or not, pole dance routines are a real workout. Forget burpees babe – we dance our cardio in sparkly, 8-inch heels!

With so much movement in class we definitely recommend wearing a good quality, supportive crop top or sports bra to pole. Did you know that research has found your boobs can move up to 21cm during a workout class, with a B-cup moving up to 8cm?! That's a whole lotta bounce so it is important we look after 'the girls'.

Now that you are down with the pole dancing shorts situation, you can start to shop cute crops to match your AMBR booty shorts. The AMBR crops are available in bold prints and so many amazing styles, so you are sure to find something perfect for you.

If the thought of wearing just a crop top to pole class is mildly terrifying, you can also throw on a singlet top or t-shirt to wear in class. Which brings us too...

What to wear before and after pole class

Just like any workout, it's a good idea to wear something to pole class that is comfortable and allows you to move around in for the warmup. Leggings are always a winner! They are great for the start of pole classes and any stretch classes you may decide to book into later. Sometimes after a particularly sweaty pole sesh, you might like to throw on something a little breezier and track pants are the perfect choice.

The AMBR Classic collection is your go-to for staple track pants, hoodies and tanks. Meeting a friend for brunch after your weekend pole class? No stress – these hoodies and track pants are cute enough for post-pole hangs!

Our top 'fit picks are:

  •  The Classic Slimline Jacket paired with the Classic Eco Leggings and an AMBR Sports Cap
  •  The pink Classic Track Pants and Cropped Hoodie for ultimate cool girl vibes

What about those sweet kicks?

Wearing pole dancing heels or pole dancing boots during class is totally optional but be warned – once you start there will be no stopping the shoe obsession!

Pole dance shoes are fun, flirty and oh-so-fabulous. They come a in a range of different brands, styles and colours so you can certainly find a pole shoe just as unique as you are boo!

For beginner pole dancing classes, we recommend starting with a 7 or 8-inch heel and for those who want some extra support, try an ankle boot style. To give you an idea of what's available in the world of pole shoes, browse the amazing range of pole dancing heels available from our friends at ShoeMe.

Pole shoes come in different materials like glitter, suede, faux leather and patent leather and you can buy heel protectors to prevent the platforms from scuffing. Check out the colourful range of AMBR Heel Protectors here and why not get a matching scrunchie while you’re there?!

Our final tips for your first pole class

You have your perfect pair of pole dancing shorts ready to go, a matching AMBR crop and your pole heels are packed waiting for their time to shine. You are going to absolutely love the big, bad-ass world of pole dancing and we can't wait to gush over the 500 pole videos you will record #iykyk.

Before you go and have the time of your life, here are our final tips for you:
- Avoid moisterising your legs the day of class. The moisteriser won't have time to fully absorb and it will turn you and your pole into a slippery mess. It's best to do it the night before class.
- Bring a sweat towel and water bottle with you – we told you, dancing in platform heels is a workout!
- Wear whatever makes you feel the most comfortable! Pole dancing is all about what our bodies can do, rather than how they look, so wear your fav pole outfit and just have some fun with it!

There is a reason why pole dancing has become so popular (long before J-Lo took to our big screens in the movie Hustlers). It's a great way for you to work out in a fun, supportive environment and a chance to create lifelong friendships. As well as feeling fabulous, it's one of the few fitness spaces where you can also LOOK AMAZING at the same time! So pop on the booty shorts and strap on the stilettos – LET'S GO GIRLFRIEND!


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